T-Roc is a passionate Electronic Hip Hop Recording Artist and Model, widely known for his energizing and inspiring style influenced by the upbeat sounds of LMFAO, Usher, and Will.'I.'Am. 

Hailing from the Midwest, T-Roc's unwavering passion for the art of music began at the age of sixteen, and it has stayed with him ever since. Through the power of musical storytelling, he is on a lifelong mission to not only entertain others, but to inspire them to chase after their dreams no matter what challenges arise. 

Throughout his creative career, T-Roc has had the opportunity to perform at a multitude of prominent venues, nightclubs, and events. To date, he has performed at The Chicago Music Awards, IES Indie Entertainment Summit in LA, The NWA Urban Honors in LA, Saving For Your Dreams (sponsored by Capital One) in San Francisco, and Art2 Festival of Art in Las Vegas. He also received extensive coverage on renowned media outlets like The X-Factor on Fox, The Steve Harvey Show, and ABC News. 

Most recently, he was featured in a pop compilation album entitled "Wanna Party!" To find out more about T-Roc both personally and creatively, feel free to visit his official website: www.heytroc.com