IPR Workshops: The Full Effects Of Dance

What you missed!! 

The Full Effects Of Dance was LIT! It was hot and everybody walked away exhausted!

TK Richardson's class was swaggy and sexy at the same time. His choreo to Kendrick Lamar - LOVE had everybody sweating and working stupid hard to retain all the counts. It was a mixture of quick and slow movement. TK took a moment to cut the lights off and have all the dancers face each other and perform for one another, giving them more space and time to get the movement in their muscles. He then moved to select his "select group" of dancers to execute his vision. I must say I was a little angry that I couldn't learn the choreography, it was so dope!

See For Yourself:


Blair Christian's class was nothing short of phenomenal! It's so funny watching her teach because the way she mixes counts and sound effects is hilarious. She taught to Kendrick Lamar HUMBLE. Everybody was excited to dance to that song, I know I was. Blair's choreo was a mixture of banji meets Chicago footworking and a little bit of twerking. The most memorable part of her class was this patty cake dance step that she had us do it was so confusing but it was so cool. She then moved to find her group of dancers for filming and per usual the T-Up was real. 

Check Out Her Class:


The Q&A at the end shined so much light on how to be successful. TK gave information about the transition from Chicago to Los Angeles. Blair talked about her moment behind Missy Elliott and Katy Perry at the Super Bowl. They both touched on making a name for yourself, whether that be internet presents, staying in class, or creating your own lane. Blair even went as far as to talk about nutrition as a dancer and an entertainer. Something I think we all needed to hear.



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  • Lauren
    Lauren Philly
    aye this look sick! wish you was here.

    aye this look sick! wish you was here.

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    Ibsen Unites States
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